26 avril, 2008

Hommage à FDR

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Há momentos em que Deus se esquece de nós. São nossos momentos felizes.

22 avril, 2008

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Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa darle alegria y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena
Hey Macarena

20 avril, 2008

O Presente, o Passado e o Futuro de uma ilusão

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The Communists believe they have found a way of delivering us from this evil. Man is wholeheartedly good and friendly to his neighbour, they say, but the system of private property has corrupted his nature. The possession of private property gives power to the individual and thence the temptation arises to ill-treat his neighbour; the man who is excluded from the possession of property is obliged to rebel in hostility against the oppressor. If private property were abolished, all valuables held in common and all allowed to share in the enjoyment of them, ill-will and enmity would disappear from among men. Since all needs would be satisfied, none would have any reason to regard another as an enemy; all would willingly undertake the work which is necessary. I have no concern with any economic criticisms of the communistic system; I cannot enquire into whether the abolition of private property is advantageous and expedient. But I am able to recognize that psychologically it is rounded on an untenable illusion. By abolishing private property one deprives the human love of aggression of one of its instruments, a strong one undoubtedly, but assuredly not the strongest. It in no way alters the individual differences in power and influence which are turned by aggressiveness to its own use, nor does it change the nature of the instinct in any way. This instinct did not arise as the result of property; it reigned almost supreme in primitive times when possessions were still extremely scanty; it shows itself already in the nursery when possessions have hardly grown out of their original anal shape; it is at the bottom of all the relations of affection and love between human beings–possibly with the single exception of that of a mother to her male child. Suppose that personal rights to material goods are done away with, there still remain prerogatives in sexual relationships, which must arouse the strongest rancour and most violent enmity among men and women who are otherwise equal. Let us suppose this were also to be removed by instituting complete liberty in sexual life, so that the family, the germ-cell of culture, ceased to exist; one could not, it is true, foresee the new paths on which cultural development might then proceed, but one thing one would be bound to expect, and that is that the ineffaceable feature of human nature would follow wherever it led.

Civilization and its Discontents, Sigmund Freud

19 avril, 2008

Os Canalhas se Abraçam

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16 avril, 2008

São três pra cá, e três pra lá…

O que dizer desse post do Matamoros? Concordo com quase tudo. Quase, porque ele teima em não vê que o Lula é pior que o Maluf (o D’artagnan da eleição). Lula faz tudo o que Maluf faria. E Lula ainda ajuda ditaduras estrangeiras, o que Maluf não faria.

Nos EUA temos (ou melhor, eles têm e nos imporão o vencedor) McCain, Obama e Hilary. Atenção: intervenção no mercado, nesse momento da economia mundial, pode ser um erro grave. Com McCain, o risco de intervenção diminui (ele é até criticado por ser a favor do free trade), e se vier será menor do que seria com Hilary ou Obama. Se não fosse isso, eu acho que o Olavão estaria certo em mandar os três to the usual place.

No ano passado, na França, eles escolheram entre três que, segundo um jornal inglês (que pena que perdi o link!), são « the bad, the worse and the worst » (o D’artagnan daquela eleição sendo Le Pen). Se isso consola o Matamoros, a praga é universal.

7 avril, 2008

Feliz Aniversário

Hoje, dia sete de abril, faz quatro anos que vinte e nove garimpeiros foram massacrados pelos índios cintas largas. A.K.A costas largas.

Ninguém foi punido.

Dizem por aí que os garimpeiros invadiram a propriedade dos índio, logo os índios tinham o direito de matar os invasores.

Eu até concordo com isso (embora seja difícil acreditar que no caso não houvesse alternativa além de matar), mas então por que o latifundiário não tem direito de matar os sem-terra que invadem sua fazenda? E por que o trabalhador pobre não poderia ter o direito de guardar uma arma para proteger sua família?

E aposto que eu serei o unico, na internet, a se lembrar dos vinte e nove mortos. Os progressistas? Pfiuuu…

Joyeux anniversaire,

À ci jour si charmant

Que le bon Dieu te donne

Paix, santé et amour

2 avril, 2008

Saudi woman killed for chatting on Facebook

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By Damien McElroy Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Last Updated: 1:46am BST 01/04/2008


A young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father for chatting on the social network site Facebook, it has emerged.

The unnamed woman from Riyadh was beaten and shot after she was discovered in the middle of an online conversation with a man, the al-Arabiya website reported.

The case was reported on a Saudi Arabian news site as an example of the « strife » the social networking site is causing in the Islamic nation.
Mais, aqui.

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